“Sayin’ the things that go unsaid, reading in between lines even before they’re read…”-SeV3N

The few people you have shared your poetry with say it’s beautiful, edgy, and thought provoking. You’ve got journals filled with poems that just sit in your house and maybe once in a while you attend an open mic event, but never participate. What are you going to do with it all? Surely you don’t just write those words for yourself. Those verses, those lines are your life on paper. They are your sonnets of love, your haikus of simplicity, and your free verse of freedom. No more writing poems and shoving them up on the shelf. Be daring and bold with your talent! Now is the time to bring those words to life and here’s your chance.

Enter the AllStar Poetry Slam Now!

Enter the performance poetry, spoken word, poetry slam video competition for a chance to win your spot on the DARE 2 DREAM “U Can Do it” 4 day cruise September 30, 2013. For only a $25 submission fee into the contest, you can set yourself up for mass exposure, connection opportunities, and possibly a 1st place prize of your cruise fare paid for! Not to mention while on the Dare2Dream “U Can Do It” cruise, you will have an opportunity to perform in front of a brand new audience.
Our viral video poetry contest is just the tool for you. We encourage you to make a video showcasing your poetic skills in a range of categories/themes such as the ones listed below. Those themes however, are merely suggestive and in no way limit you to select one in particular. You may select any one as it pertains to the inspiration behind your creativity. Create a video no longer than 4 minutes relating to one of the following themes:

  1. Change
  3. love
  4. LIFE
  5. I can
  6. Why I want to be on “THE DARE 2 DREAM CRUISE”
  7. open

The viral video poetry/spoken word contest will consist of only 64 participants who will compete in pairs during a short 3 round voting segment. Those who reach the semi-finalists level will vote amongst themselves to select the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. First place prize is a beautiful inside cabin credit paid for, 2nd place prize gets 50% off cruise fare and 3rd place gets 25% off cruise fare. See winning compensation.

This is an awesome opportunity that you don’t want to miss. Only 64 contestants! Great exposure and a shot at cruise trip? You can’t go wrong and remember the submission fee for entry is only $25! Enter today. The world is waiting for you!